About Pollinator Alliance

At the Pollinator Alliance, we:

Protect: The Pollinator Alliance collaborates with conservation organizations, non-government organizations, and State & Federal officials to develop sound policy that protects pollinators and the growers who support them. 

Promote: Promoting and nurturing on-farm by fostering the environment between our partners and pollinators. Our resource hub offers programs, information on grants, certification, and technical expertise to continue to expand habitat on working lands to support pollinator health. 

Partner: Hive Health is at the core of our relationship with pollinators. We are partnering with beekeepers and state & federal agencies to develop best practices and resources to support honey bee health and protect them from pests and diseases. 

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The Almond Alliance is the leading authority in state and national policy, championing American almond farmers, industry, and community for the continued global growth, innovation, and success of American almonds and agriculture.

Established in 1980, the Almond Alliance is a non-profit trade association with a local and international network of almond processors, hullers/shellers, growers, and allied businesses. The Alliance is dedicated to providing resources and solutions for our members, ensuring industry success and growth opportunities.