Pollinator Habitats

with Great Valley Seed

Farmer-to-Farmer Partnership

The Almond Alliance and Great Valley Seed have partnered to develop native plant and seed supplies. These supplies will be made easily accessible to California’s almond growers to expand pollinator habitat on 7,600 working farms. 

This farmer-to-farmer solution, the Almond Alliance and Great Valley Seed Pollinator Habitat Partnership, harnesses the sophistication and excellence of California’s almond farmers to grow habitat, promote pollinator health and biodiversity, and further develop native seed and nursery stock for continued habitat restoration on California’s working lands.

Program FAQs

  1. Register at pollinatoralliance.farm/programs. 
  2. A Great Valley Seed representative will contact you for an initial consultation.
  3. After a project agreement is signed, a site plan and project summary will be finalized.
  4. The seed will be scheduled for delivery.
  5. Plant the seed.
  6. Submit your quarterly reports.

Program sign-ups will be open year-round, but seeds and plants will be provided twice a year:

  • Fall (approx dates)
    • Hedgerows:  Fall delivery (October 1 thru November 1)
    • Conservation Cover:  Fall delivery (October 1 thru November 1)
    • Pollinator Habitat:  Fall delivery for seed (October 1 thru November 1)
    • Cover Crop:  Fall delivery (October 1 thru November 1)
  • Spring (approx dates) TBA
    • Hedgerows:  Spring delivery of plugs and container plants (April 01 thru May 01)
    • Pollinator Habitat:  Spring delivery for plugs (April 01 thru May 01)

Yes, Bee Friendly Certification will be twice a year.  Virtual trainings will occur twice a year, after each installation period in the spring and fall. 

All Almond Growers in California can apply.

About our Partner

The Great Valley Seed Company originated from the collaboration between local ecological experts and a sixth-generation San Joaquin Valley farming operation. The GVS team includes scientists, agronomists, farmers, operations experts, technology specialists and draws on the expertise of the Bowles Farming Company. We believe that the stewardship and restoration of our natural resources should be within reach for all California farmers. We have the ecological knowledge, agronomic capacity, and long-term relationships to provide resilient and cost-effective native seed solutions.